Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’ out today!


Yes!! Sui Zhen’s ‘Secretly Susan’ is out today via Dot Dash / Remote Control Records.

To celebrate the release, Sui Zhen will be playing tonight (28th August) at Polyester Records for a free, all ages instore!

Secretly Susan takes influence from Japanese lovers rock, 80s electro-bossanova and dubby-lounge pop which Becky discovered during holidays in Japan and London where she was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy. Playing records as DJ Susan is a new outlet for Becky, allowing her to share the references and context that informs her distinct approach to music making.

In the release of Secretly Susan we can expect to be immersed in the larger narratives that surround Becky’s work. From the banal pastel dystopia of her ‘Infinity Street’ video to the invention of Susan, an alter ego who manifests in the forthcoming single ‘Take It All Back’ – these colourful, surreal and staged landscapes allow Becky’s take on pop music to sit within its own uncanny terrain.

SISTER JANE announce their final record & share new single ‘You Can Have Me’

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 1.19.47 pm

Sydney band Sister Jane have announced their break up, and the release of their final record Frontier. On the back of two previous releases and a cluster of earlier singles, Sister Jane (originally formed in 2005) were stopped in their tracks in 2014 following the dramatic departure of their frontman, Dan Davey. Frontier will be released on Friday 18th September via Broken Stone Records / Remote Control Records.

To coincide with the announce of Frontier, the band have shared the video for new album track ‘You Can Have Me’.

On their break-up and album release, the band have said:

“Although this album represents an incredibly tumultuous time in our lives we are happy to be releasing it. Shortly after the release of ‘Whole Wide World’ [the first single from Frontier], Sister Jane cancelled a tour and disappeared. We never explained the reason because for months the band didn’t have one to offer.

Eventually we were given an explanation involving a dramatic tale of a man on the brink who turned to Jesus, found his path to salvation and gave up rock n’ roll. After the hard road we had all taken throughout the making of this album we were bewildered and dismayed at the turn of events.

Sister Jane broke up in 2014 in a bowling alley in Strathfield and so with a truth stranger than fiction, we offer you our final release and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.”

Broken Stone Records will hold a listening, launch and farewell party on Thursday September 24th at the Golden Age Cinema, featuring a screening of the video for ‘You Can Have Me’, along with some very special performances, and a listen to the album in full.

Beirut shares new single + video ‘Gibraltar’

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The legends Beirut have shared new song and video ‘Gibraltar.’ Joining forces once more with Brother Willis (makers of the kaleidoscopic video for ‘No No No’), and interested by the idea of a setting beside the sea and “the massive island of trash which is growing and floating out in the Pacific.” ‘Gibraltar’ follows Beirut leader Zach Condon and band members Paul Collins and Nick Petree picking their way through a fantasy Gibraltar to meet its ‘Rock’.

Have a watch!

Their forthcoming album ‘No No No’ is out Friday 11 Sept.